NEW! Colette Patterns

By Lauren Guthrie

I'm sooo pleased to announce that we now have a selection of Colette Sewing Patterns in stock! If your familiar with Colette then you'll understand my excitement! If your new....your in for a treat! I felt like I was opening a box of treasure when the delivery came all the way from the US! 

Founded by Sarai Mitnick, and based in Portland, Oregan, not only does the Colette Patterns Team produce the most loveliest retro/vintage inspired designs for you to stich at home, you can pick up so many tips and inspirational ideas on the Coletterie Blog. With so many followers you'll never be short of ideas as Flikr is packed with sewers creations from across the globe!

I absolutly LOVE these sewing patterns. In fact it was Colette Patterns that really got me interested in sewing clothes again about a year and a half ago. I came across their Sorbetto Top sewing pattern (a FREE download, no less!) and after printing it out and stitching one up - I was hooked! After that I moved onto their dress patterns - each ones comes with its own little bound book so flicking through the instructions is such a breeze! 

Here is me, pics taken a while back (being a bit shy and hiding my face - hmmm...I think I'm over that now!) wearing my first Sorbetto creation. I lowered the neck line a bit on it and added buttons at the back which was surprisingly easy to do - the pattern is super simple to customise! It only had two pieces -  front and back! 


And here are a few other versions too..... I think a simple vest like this one is great if you have a really nice fabic that you want to show but not over complicate it with too fancy a design in the garment. I deliberatly placed the little stag to be in the middle of the pink one - I though he looked pretty cool! And I took out the pleat in the centre front too so that it didn't upset the fabric print. 


Another Colette Pattern I've made over and over again is the Hazel dress. Its a firm staple in my summer wardrobe - I've got three of them too! - all totally different! I've got my eye on the perfect fabric, due to arrive in the shop really soon, for another one for spring (if this cold weather ever does one that it!) 


My greatest triamph however is the Anise Jacket!

It's a toughie to get your head around, and is definatly the most complicated thing I've ever made, but I downloaded the Anise Companion e-book and I managed to get through it without too much bother. Its a totally gorgeous little cropped jacked with two sleeve length options - I choose the three-quarter length.

I made mine in a teal wool mix which is sooo soft and cosy. It's lined too. I choose a beautiful, colourful Liberty Silk for mine which makes the jacket just glide on and off. 

It also has bound button holes and welt pockets. I hadn't done any of these techniques before I started the jacket - or even inserted a lining before, I just followed the in-depth instructions and worked my way through it bit by bit and hey presto! it all turned out great!

Another one of my favorites is the Macaron Dress. This pattern is also really versatile and you can play around with different types of fabrics to get different looks. A shear or lacy type fabric for the yoke, contrasted with a slightly heavier fabric for the bodice would make a really elegant evening dress. Or, using solid colours works well too and gives a more casual look. You might want to look out for this one on a certain TV show coming up next week but I've probably said too much already! wink

You can shop our selection of Colette Patterns here! Once you've tried them you won't look back - I promise!