Let’s Make Christmas Blog Series - Hexagon Paper Pieced Notebook Cover

By Lauren Guthrie

If you’ve ever been intrigued by traditional English paper piecing but been put off by how long it takes to make anything then I’ve got the perfect project for you as part of the ‘Lets Make Christmas’ Blog Series….a neat and nifty personalised notebook cover!


I was really excited when we got in these new pre-cut hexagon templates and matching hexagon fabric packs made from lots of gorgeous Libery Tana Lawn! The hexagons come on perforated sheets so its really easy just to break them off!

Having pre-cut hexagon fabric makes things so much quicker as well! 

I wanted to think up quick and easy projects that would use them, without committing to a huge paper pieced project!
I had this awesome idea once that I would make a paper pieced hexagon quilt but 5 years later it’s still the size of a cushion cover so I think I’m going to stop there!

To make the notebook cover you will need

  • One pack of pre-cut hexagons (I used the 1” ones)
  • One pack of pre-cut fabric hexagons (I used the 1” ones) or you could use little scraps of fabric
  • Medium weight backing fabric  - I used this organic Linen Look fabric (the amount needed will depend on the size of your note book – see step three for how to measure up)
  • Medium weight interfacing
  • A tiny bit of toy stuffing (optional)
  • Embroidery thread (optional if you want to put some words on it)
  • A short length of ribbon or ric rac (for the book mark)
  • A notebook (I got mine from Paperchase)

Just click the highlighted text above to add these items to your shopping basket. 

Step One – Hand Tack or Glue the fabric to the hexagon templates

In the past I have spent ages hand tacking the fabric to the hexagon templates but this time I used this Prym Aqua Glue Marker. Its great! It holds the fabric in place long enough to do what you need to do, doesn’t damage or wet the fabric and is easy to peel off later once its dry!

I put the glue around the edges of the hexagon then place it glue side up on the wrong side of the fabric, then just stick the fabric around the hexagon – so quick and easy!

Step Two  - Hand Sew the hexagons together by hand

This is where tradition holds true and you still need to hand sew them together! I found it quite relaxing though and it didn’t take too long.
Place the hexagons right sides together and sew with a whipstitch or overcast stitch.
I used 7 hexagons to make the flower design and picked a darker fabric for the centre.

Once the hexgons are attached, gently press the edges with the iron, 

and the peel off the fabric and take out the hexagon templates. 

Step Three – Measure Note Book and Cut Out Main Fabric

With the notebook closed, measure the height of the notebook and the distance from the edge of the back cover to the edge of the front cover. Add 3cm to each of these measurements. This gives a 1cm seam and 0.5cm ease. If the cover is thicker than a few mm I’d add an extra 1cm for ease.

Cut out two sections the same size and iron interfacing onto one of them.

Also cut out two sections for the inside cover part. There should be the same height as the main sections. To calculate the width of them measure from the cover edge to about 3cm from the spine and then add on 2cm for the hem.

Step Four – Hem the Inside Cover Sections

Press 1cm, then 1cm again towards the wrong side of the fabric to hide all the raw edges and create a hem. Top-stitch in place. You could add extra pockets to this section if you wanted as well.

Step Five – Decorate the outside cover with your Hexagon design

Place the main fabric section over the notebook, taking account of the seam allowances, and then line up where you would like the hexagon flower to go. I placed mine more towards the top to leave room for the writing at the bottom.

Pin in place and then slip stitch around the outside edge to attach it onto the fabric. Leave a little space and put a small amount of toy stuffing underneath it to give the flower a 3D effect, and finish sewing it on.

I then did a running stitch around the centre hexagon to make it look more like a flower with petals.

Using a pencil (or one of the disappearing markers) write on a template of any words you’d like to have. Then back stitch over it to embroider the writing on.

Step Six – Sew the layers together to make the cover

Lay the outer cover (the one that is decorated) with the right side facing up. Place the inside cover sections right side down, lining them up with the edges. Place your ribbon or ric rac bookmark at the top centre.

Place the other main section on top, covering up all there other sections. Sew them together with a 1cm seam, leaving a gap to turn inside out. Trim the corners to reduce the bulk.

Turn inside out and press flat, making sure you push out all the edges. Top stitch very close to the edge all the way around – this will also sew up the gap.

And you’re done!


Happy Sewing! 

Let’s Make Christmas Blog Series - Neckerchief Scarf Tutorial

By Lauren Guthrie

Despite the totally gorgeous weather we have been having the past week, it is drawing closer and closer to that time of year. I won’t actually say (type) it yet as I know it is really early……..but there may be a big event coming up where you might want to make lovely presents for your loved ones? And you might be thinking of ideas of what to make already?

For the first post in this gift making blog series I’m sharing with you an extract from my book (Learn to Sew with Lauren), the Neckerchief Scarf.

I love these little scarves as it means that you can wear a gorgeous print to brighten up a plainer outfit – and of course it keeps the chill off around the neck too!

Cotton Lawn is perfect, especially the Liberty Tana Lawns and all you need is one fat quarter!

Silk also works really well and will have more drape and movement, it works better if you hand roll and hand sew the hem on that fabric though. This gorgeous blue floral silk and vibrant floral tile slik twill would make beautiful scarfs! 


All the instructions you need are above in the extract but if you fancy picking up the book, you can now get a signed copy for £20 (normally £25) - just follow this link and leave a message in the comments box at the checkout if you would like it personalised with a name. The discount is valid up until the 31st October and it has already been added, so no code needed!

The scarf works well tied in lots of different ways…..

Fold it in half into a triangle and then roll it up for a more fitted flatter look around the neck

Or using the same method as above, use it as a hair band

Or stop the drafts creeping up your arms and tie it around your wrist

Fold it in half into a triangle and leave it to billow out a bit - this works especially well with silk!

Are you planning on making any presents this year? 

SEW Saturday Event Details - Saturday 17th October

By Lauren Guthrie

With just a few weeks to go until the SEW Saturday Event on Saturday 17th October, I wanted to fill you in on all the fun stuff that will be happening in the shop that day!

If you haven’t heard about the event yet in the sewing press, it’s a national campaign organised by SEW magazine. Lots of lovely bricks and mortar fabric shops have signed up to celebrate real life fabric shops - just like us!

Shopping online is great if you know what you want or have seen it somewhere before, but there is nothing like being able to browse, stroke all the fabric and get new ideas and inspiration – that’s what real like fabric shops offer and that’s what the day is celebrating.

We are going to have an open studio with lots of fun activities going on….

Make and Take Workshops with Kate

Pop –in anytime between 10am and 4pm, no need to book, to make a cute little project! Perfect for all ages and abilities (children under 16 will need to be accompanied by an adult).

Choose from......

  • a really cute bird pincushion with a secret needle holder in his tale!

  • Fun little hair clips

  • A little fishy key ring

  • And a mini pom pom bracelet, necklace or desk garland

All projects cost £4 which includes all material along with a template and instructions to take home. Payable in cash on the day - no booking needed. Each project will take approximatly 45mins - 1 hour depending on your prior level of ability. 

Find Your Next Dressmaking Project

Browse our extensive garment sample rail and get inspiration for your new project. One of our team will be on hand to help you pick a new project, check your measurements and advise on the best size to make along with any fitting adjustments that may be needed.

Sewing Gadgets Demonstrations

Test out some of the sewing gadgets that we use in the studio, from silicone finger guards, chaco liners, wonder tape and bias binding makers to quick and easy pom pom makers.

And of course the tea will be on tap and the cake stacked high!

There will also be lots of special offers in the shop and we have just had a shops change around with new shelfing and new displays so if you haven't popped in for a while there is lots to see and catch up on! 

Hope you can join us for this special day!