New Colette Patterns and My Completed Moneta Dress

By Lauren Guthrie

Those of you who have used Colette Patterns before will know how great they are - especially for beginners or those new to dressmaking. As well as the lovely design of the garments the instructions are awesome and really break things down ensuring you don't get confused.

So I was really excited when I heard that they were bringing out two new patterns designed for knit or jersey fabrics. I'm still pretty new to sewing with this type of fabric so a few more simple pattern was just what I needed to help build up my skills.

The first one is a really gorgeous dress called Moneta described as being "easy to make, and easy to wear. This dress is versatile, layerable, and above all, comfortable. Because Moneta feels as good as it looks, you will get a lot of wear out of these dresses". It comes with several options - there are collar and sleeve variations, including no sleeves and lining too.

I've had a sneaky preview of the pattern already as they actually arrived last week and over the weekend I made a short sleeve, un-lined version.

As I mentioned before, I'm still getting up to speed with using this type of fabric and using my over locker. I used the over locker to put the whole thing together and a double needle on the sewing machine to finish off the neckline and hem the sleeves and skirt section. The skirt section has in-seam pockets and I think it might have been easier to just use the sewing machine for that bit anyway so don't let the over locker thing put you off. You totally don't need one.

You have to use some clear elastic to create the gathers for the skirt and I have to admit this took a bit of practice and was a little fiddly - but totally do-able and I was really pleased with the result. Colette has put a really useful extract from their upcoming book on the blog that takes you through the whole elastic thing bit by bit. Here is the link..

I used a new silk jersey fabric that just arrived last week to make mine. It actually has a very thin stripe woven into it and it was really lovely to work with. It doesn't curl at the edges as much as some other jerseys I've worked with which was great.

I made the smallest size and its acutally come up a bit tight I think. Or maybe I'm not used to things being so figure hugging around the bodice! The seam allowance on these patterns is smaller than the normal 1.5cm but I made extra effort to stick to it. Or maybe this fabric doesn't have quite a much stretch in it. I can still pull it on and off easy enough, just feel there is a bit too much bra outlining for me! 

The pattern recommends a light-medium weight jersey and we've recently had another delivery to add to our collection of fabrics! We've got a lightweight range; medium-weight range and more stripes too as well as more patterned ones! I especially love the navy and teal spotty one

The second new pattern is a simple and versatile skirt pattern called Mabel. It can be sewn up in three variations including length options and a faux placket and centre buttons. All variations are a pull-on style with a contoured waistband so no fiddly fastenings to worry about. The pattern recommends more heavier weight jerseys and our range of ponte-romas are perfect!

I'm really excited that there are more jersey patterns coming out from independant companies, we are so used to sewing more stable fabric like cotton but a lot of what we actually wear is jersey or knitted so why not sew with it too!? I'm a total convert! 

The size range of these patterns is also greater than previous Colette patterns. They go up to 3XL which is a 54" bust, 46" waist and 56" hip measurement! yay! We've got plenty of both in stock and you can see the whole range of Colette Patterns by clicking here!

Our 1st Birthday Party!

By Lauren Guthrie

As this years Great British Sewing Bee draws to a close in just a few hours I must say that I'm glad to be on the outside looking in. It's been a tough 8 weeks for those gals - but so fun and entertaining to watch!

It's funny how quickly time passes and I can't believe we've almost been open for a whole year!

It was this time last year that we were in week 2 of the Sewing Bee and I was frantically trying to finish painting, logging stock on the till, set out the shop, find a coffee machine, promote the opening, deal with being on TV, training for a marathon, writing a book proposal, trying to remember to eat....phew! I can't believe I did it! 

A year on and a LOT has happened at g&g. It's been so aweseome, action packed, like a roller coaster, and seems to have passed so fast! 

We've grown so much, learned so much and met so many amazing people. It's the customers who make a shop and we feel really lucky to have such a lovely amazing bunch of people who support us in many different ways. 

To celebrate, on Saturday 26th April (exactly a year after we opened to a que to peeps down the street) we are having a party - all day! 

Come by the shop for cake, homemade lemonade, presents, a prize draw to win some lovely sewing boxes and special birthday offers! 

I'm really excited that my good friend and fellow Sewing Bee finalist Sandra along with last years winner, the very talented and amazing Ann will be popping by during the day to join in the fun! 

I hope you can join us!